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Custom MHC Tetramers and Monomers Order Form

Custom Monomers and Tetramers

We can help with your specific requirements for immune monitoring needs. MBL International has a long line of expertise and knowledge for manufacturing MHC tetramers and monomers. These skills allow our team to provide high quality and reliable custom MHC tetramers or monomers according to your needs.

We will first determine feasibility before any production starts. Once feasibility is determined, you can provide us with your own peptide, or we can provide the peptide for you. We will keep you updated with each step of your custom tetramer building process, all while maintaining confidentiality upon request. Complete the following form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly with more details about your custom MHC tetramer/monomer request.

We are proud to be your trusted supplier for providing your custom MHC tetramer or biotinylated monomer.

Available alleles

A24Kb (chimera) HLA-B*07:02
A2Kb (chimera) HLA-B*08:01
BF2*1201 HLA-B*15:01
BF2*1501 HLA-B*15:02
H-2Db HLA-B*27:05
H-2Dd HLA-B*35:01
H-2Dk HLA-B*40:01
H-2Kd HLA-B*40:06
H-2Kk HLA-B*42:01
H-2Ld HLA-B*52:01
HLA-A*01:01 HLA-B*54:01
HLA-A*02:01 HLA-B*57:01
HLA-A*02:06 HLA-C*01:02
HLA-A*02:07 HLA-C*03:03
HLA-A*03:01 HLA-C*03:04
HLA-A*11:01 HLA-C*04:01
HLA-A*23:01 HLA-C*06:02
HLA-A*24:02 HLA-C*08:01
HLA-A*26:01 HLA-C*12:02
HLA-A*29:02 HLA-C*15:02
HLA-A*31:01 HLA-E*01:01
Mamu-A*01 Mamu-A*90120-5
DPB1*04:01 DRB1*08:03
DRB1*01:01 DRB1*09:01
DRB1*03:01 DRB1*11:01
DRB1*04:01 DRB1*15:01
DRB1*04:05 DRB1*15:02
DRB1*07:01 DRB4*01:01
I-Ad I-Ab
I-Ag7 I-Ak
HLA-E*01:01 HLA-E*01:03
MR1 Qa-1b

Please provide the following information so that our R&D/Manufacturing experts can evaluate your specific allele:peptide combination(s) of interest. A quote will be provided for any combinations that are deemed feasible for manufacture.

Custom Monomers and Tetramers