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Available MHC Alleles

MBL International is well known for providing high quality and reliable MHC Tetramers and Monomers.  We strive to provide a continuously expanding MHC allele offering list. We offer many alleles for many popular species, such as human and mouse, but also MHC Tetramers for non-human primates and others.  Please see below for our Class I and Class II MHC alleles offering.  If you don’t see your allele of interest below, please contact us.


MHC Alleles – Class I

Rhesus Macaque  
Mauritian Cyno  
Human-Mouse Chimera  


MHC Alleles – Class II



Other Tetramer Alleles

 Non-Classical Class I: HLA-E*01:01
 Non-Classical Class I: HLA-E*01:03
 Non-Classical Class I: Qa-1b
Custom MHC Tetramers
We can custom manufacture a tetramer or biotinylated monomer based on your needs. 


Download Alelle list Flyer (Tetramers)

Order Custom Tetramer/Monomer

We can help with your specific requirements for immune monitoring needs.  MBL International has a long line of expertise and knowledge for manufacturing MHC tetramers and monomers.

Find Peptides

MBL International’s stock and custom peptides can be used for stimulation assays or with custom tetramer generation using the QuickSwitch™ custom tetramer kits.

Order Custom Peptides

*Standard sizes are 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 mg


New alleles are always in development. If you do not see your allele of interest, please contact us